Earthbound Oracle

One of my favorite decks is the Earthbound Oracle. It leaves so much to a reader’s interpretation.

This three card reading from left to right is Self, Setting, Situation.

Self- Intuition is important and you have a well developed sense of intuition. Intuition is not fate. Intuition is better served when you rely on other sense as well. Intuition is guide on your path.

Setting- Something in your work environment is not working for you. What is happening behind the scenes? What is hiding in darkness? What do you need to do to gain awareness.  What seems toxic may be an indicator that you have indulged in something that doesn’t fit where you are. Is your intuition on overdrive? Are you too sensitive? What can be moderated?

Situation- When you figure out the setting you will find the light. The sun will shine in your direction. Step out of the shadows and claim your own light.



Create, release, gift

One of the things I love most about the Earthbound Oracle is that there are no “rules.” The deck does not come with an LWB or little white book or any instructions. The words below each picture invite a reader to view the picture with the corresponding word to offer guidance in interpretation.

I see the creativity card as chameleon like. We can change who we are as we need or choose to. The lily is often thought of in terms of release or rebirth. White symbolizes purity and purple is a color often associated with transformation and reflection. Both apply to the process of creating as well as releasing.

What we create and release or share with others allows us to receive and give. Giving of course is about gifts but in the context of the other cards i wonder whether or not it is also about the gift we give ourselves and others when we release what might be restraining us so that we might become more creative, using the gifts we are born with and that we learn to amplify in the process of living.


Changing weather

Headed to a meeting on a summer day, I found myself driving into some interesting weather. At a stoplight I quickly snapped this picture And yes, I know that phones and driving don’t mix.  The cloud formations proved too difficult to resist. Upon arriving at the meeting I ran without a needed umbrella or raincoat to a nearby door. The door was locked. By the time I found an open one, I was drenched. A kindly person told me I had the wrong address. Deciding that the weather and the meeting would continue with and/or without me, I called a colleague I knew was attending, sent my regrets and went on to the next to-do in my day.

A relative told me I was driving into a storm front. Googling images of storm fronts I found numerous images. Mine was not unlike those that turned up in the Google search.

Thinking about the image and the experience drew my attention to change. The clouds take on this appearance when two fronts collide. A cold weather and a warm weather front might cause this. When I’d left the house, it had been sunny and warm. The forecast had predicted rain, but later in the day. I thought I was prepared. Things change.

Change is often comes on suddenly. While some changes can be planned for; a new job, a new baby, a vacation come to mind, many changes come upon us seemingly without warning. As a creature of habit I know I resist. There are schedules and commitments to keep. My reactions to change are not always pleasing to me or I’m sure to others. When lane closures on the road (and on my metaphorical journey) cause me to be late or delay my plans I am too often and too easily frustrated. I get angry, which is often an indicator that I’m not recognizing my feelings of disappointment or failure, whether real or imagined. These feelings also bubble up when I feel ill prepared, lacking in confidence, and fearful.

Going forward I hope I can, even if only at a stoplight moment, pause and see the beauty in the impending change planned or spontaneous. I’d like to witness and be present to change without going to a worst case scenario, remembering that life happens and as I’ve told my family, “this or something better” when plans go awry, will serve me and those I love. Although they appear ominous, the clouds that day ultimately ushered in a cool spell. Whatever the weather, may dark clouds bring the proverbial silver linings. May I stop and notice those moments, too.



Looking for light

Haven’t felt much like writing. In a year of transformation, energy comes and goes. Truth, turns into a masterful thief, stealing illusions that have become important parts of the  life we lead. We believe that those we love will always be there, even as we  know that this is one more illusion. Facing the knowing levels life. We stop, hoping for a new beginning, making room in a broken heart…someday.

Loss is a patient teacher.  It moves in. As it settles down for the long haul we learn self reliance. Pain is confirmation of a relationship to another. The gentle ways in which one life transforms because of the love of another. Love shares the beauty in wheat fields.

Grief teaches us that we have loved deeply. It is confirmation that loss is love with no place to go. Loss of another calls us as witness. We become more aware of  our ability to engage in caring for more than our own life. It reminds us that someone who  seemingly just showed us one day changed us in immeasurably lovely ways, giving us tools to change our own wild life. In mourning we may not see it, but light still shines.




Under an oaken sky


“I was hiding in her. You do that sometimes. Sometimes you decide you’ll take refuge in the good, gracious enthusiasm that another person has for you and the love and the nurturing that somebody gives you.” Jackson Browne

Recently,  I had the occasion to sit on the lawn at Ravinia.  If you are not familiar with Ravinia,  it is a  Summer concert venue just outside of Chicago Illinois. Having grown up surrounded by the annual summer concerts held there, when I return I am surrounded by ghosts of concerts past. In my mind I find Pete Seeger walking past my friends and me saying hello to us .I see Janis Joplin arguing with Ravinia staff regarding what they perceived as her inappropriate read to sheer manner of dress. I hear Rufus Wainwright’s rich, dreamy voice singing songs I love. And I hear Jackson Browne singing many of the songs that have become touchstones guiding my life. Sitting under the oaken canopy as the night envelopes the trees and the trees cloak those of us gathered on the lawn, I’m feeling a sense of  peace and abiding joy.

With a full moon to light the night and beautiful music to relax and inspire, I wonder about the trees. Do they feel the vibrational pull of the music. Do their roots grow deep, stirring in summer to soak up what we hear? Does it encourage them to provide shelter, air, and beauty for us? Do they long to hear what we do? When the music stops at the end of the summer, are they left wanting more? Do they wish for an encore? Does  their memory run deep, deeper than my own? Do they wish for a concert or two to return to?

In the comfort of my chair, staring at the softness of the full moon, under the feathery oaken cloak, the world is dreamy and fine. I give thanks for all that is good and gracious, and for a place such as this to find rest.