Earthbound Oracle

One of my favorite decks is the Earthbound Oracle. It leaves so much to a reader’s interpretation.

This three card reading from left to right is Self, Setting, Situation.

Self- Intuition is important and you have a well developed sense of intuition. Intuition is not fate. Intuition is better served when you rely on other sense as well. Intuition is guide on your path.

Setting- Something in your work environment is not working for you. What is happening behind the scenes? What is hiding in darkness? What do you need to do to gain awareness.  What seems toxic may be an indicator that you have indulged in something that doesn’t fit where you are. Is your intuition on overdrive? Are you too sensitive? What can be moderated?

Situation- When you figure out the setting you will find the light. The sun will shine in your direction. Step out of the shadows and claim your own light.




Among the missing

“You’ve got to love life to have life, and you’ve got to have life to love life.”
― Thornton WilderOur Town

People, places, family members integral to life come and go. Even as we know the moments we spend with them are fleeting. Even though experience teaches us we won’t have the extraordinary privilege of having them forever we proceed with the ordinariness of living.

“Does anybody realize what life is
while they’re living it- every, every minute?”
― Thornton WilderOur Town

Lately these quotes have been invading my days. A year ago we lost two of our dogs and today seems a sort of midpoint between the expected and the unexpected losses.

When someone is sick or aging we grieve their loss. When we lose someone we fully expected to be present the next day, grief appears and can be experienced differently.

Rehashing the last moments. What we might have done differently. In life we rehearse weddings, graduations, milestone events. We practice breathing techniques for birth. There is no rehearsal for death, particularly when unexpected, unanticipated, unwanted.

There is no way to go back and try again.   Peace and comfort arrive in their own time. As much as I want them to stay, they are only visitors.




Lost girl

These pictures are of a piece of Victorian Memorial Jewelry pendant that came into my possession some years ago.

The chain that I have it on is equally interesting but did not come with the pendant. I am told that it is may come from Florence Italy and have found a similar chain on Pinterest.

To me the young girl in the pendant was loved and lost by those who must have been family. I cannot imagine a Victorian family unless they had a friend who could create these pieces and/or some money create this elaborate piece. In the first picture below, you can see a lock of her hair in the glass.

In the second picture, where you see the memorialized girl, she seems sad and wistful although I know it was not considered appropriate to smile in pictures in that era.

The last picture of the chain shows some of the figures on it including the mummy.

This pendant and chain were in my mother in law’s Jewelry box. My sister in law does not recall seeing this nor does my husband. I inherited these things over 15 years ago and put them on a shelf in my closet. For some reason about 3 years ago I took the jewelry box down and found her. I felt an instant connection and have kept her close since then. I’m still unsure of her nearly everything about her, although a colleague I studied with told me her name was Anna.

Have any of my readers ever seen similar pieces?

Create, release, gift

One of the things I love most about the Earthbound Oracle is that there are no “rules.” The deck does not come with an LWB or little white book or any instructions. The words below each picture invite a reader to view the picture with the corresponding word to offer guidance in interpretation.

I see the creativity card as chameleon like. We can change who we are as we need or choose to. The lily is often thought of in terms of release or rebirth. White symbolizes purity and purple is a color often associated with transformation and reflection. Both apply to the process of creating as well as releasing.

What we create and release or share with others allows us to receive and give. Giving of course is about gifts but in the context of the other cards i wonder whether or not it is also about the gift we give ourselves and others when we release what might be restraining us so that we might become more creative, using the gifts we are born with and that we learn to amplify in the process of living.