Meet Lisa- ‘Energy Blueprint Counselor’

I’m so pleased to be able to introduce you to Lisa Hagenbuch. We met through Options 4 Health, where we both work. Lisa is easy to talk to, warm, and engaging. We hit it off, and I really enjoy working with Lisa. In the interest of full disclosure, we are offering a birth card and birth chart reading on July 14. We can read face to face or via Zoom.  for more information, please contact 815 363 7007. Lisa is knowledgeable and fun to work with. Please enjoy her interview.img_6625

  1. What got you interested in astrology? What is your first memory of being interested?

Astrology was a slight interest in my early 20s.  Like most people, I would read my Sun sign horoscope in the magazines, although I intuitively felt that it was too general to apply specifically to my life.  That all changed when a good friend of mine recommended I schedule an appointment with her Astrologer, who she consistently goes to see every 6 months.

I was blown away in the hour I spent with her – how could someone I just met understand me so deeply and give such clear guidance and time frames on what was unfolding in my life?!?  I left that hour knowing that I wanted to become an Astrologer.  I quickly found a beginner’s class and began a life-long study of the most complex and fascinating subject I’ve ever studied…the rabbit hole that appears to not have a bottom!

  1. Do you have a favorite ritual before you consult yours or a client’s chart? If so, would you share a part of it?

I do!  After I look at the key components of the chart, in addition to the current energy cycles, I say a meditative mantra…I align with Spirit and ask that my ego be set aside so that I can become a clear channel for any messages that are meant to come through me to the client I’m about to meet with.

My sessions are very interactive.  Although I am prepared to speak for hours on their chart, I ask them why they came to see me, what specific questions they have or life areas they’d like further guidance on.  One question leads to another…my goal is that the client leaves feeling our time together was relevant to issues in their life and that they have tools/strategies to implement and time frames to monitor.

  1. When did you decide you wanted to do chart reading?  I understand that you use Solar Fire software. Can you tell us what made you choose that particular software?

Well, true to my Capricorn Sun nature, I kept studying and studying for several years…wanting to know it ALL before I could possibly sit down with a client, let alone charge money for my work!  My original Astrologer again to the rescue.  She said the only way for Astrology to come alive is to sit down and read charts.  Clients who needed to hear a message specifically from me would be attracted to my sessions.  She gave me the confidence to put myself out there.

I have used Solar Fire since I started – recommended by my teacher.  It is easy to use, periodic updates are available, they have a great support team available by phone.  It checks all the boxes for me, so I’ve never explored other software.


  1. Do you have a planet that you love? One that you don’t like showing up in your chart? Why is it significant for you personally?

I absolutely LOVE the slow-moving, outer planets…Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and especially the ‘non-planet’ Pluto.  The outer planets each work on our psyche in specific ways to help us shift our perception/awareness, calling us to reorganize, transform, release our ego…they open windows of opportunity to interact with them and co-create the life we desire!

Saturn and Pluto tend to get a bad rap and people are often afraid when I bring them up in sessions.  They are the ruling planets of core signs for me, so I like to point out the gifts of restructure and empowerment they offer.

  1. I understand you also work with Tarot cards. Tell us about your most frequented deck?  Do you have a particular reading you like to use? 

I’m a relatively new student of Tarot…it’s such a beautiful partner discipline to Astrology😊  My favorite deck is the ‘Celestial Tarot’ by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark.  Each card has several astrological symbols on it.  I often use this deck as part of my client sessions for supplemental information.

I take monthly Tarot classes.  In one class, we each made up our own spread and it’s become my ‘go to’.   The spread incorporates a card for each of the angles of the birth chart, as well as what is ‘unseen’ and what spirit would like to tell us.  It’s a fun spread and oftentimes, the cards really come alive for me when I use it.

In my analysis, Tarot cards weave a beautiful story, but is hard to pinpoint the timing of the events of the story.  Astrology can provide those time frames.  This is the foundation for the 60-minute session you and I are about to embark on at Options 4 Health.  I’m super excited to see how it is received and experienced by clients.

  1. Can intuition be honed? How has accessing your own intuition helped you personally? How does intuition assist you when you are reading for others?

Yes, I believe that intuition is like a muscle…the more you work it, the stronger it gets.  When I’m fortunate enough to have a day of back-to-back sessions, I come away more energized then drained.  I believe that is because when I get in the flow of the day, my intuitive partnership with Spirit is leading the way, guiding the information that the client could most benefit from hearing.  It’s a win-win for all!

Since we’re all inter-connected, I believe I am benefiting from hearing the messages as well.  It’s not the traditional way of doing Astrology; however, as my sessions have evolved, I receive more positive feedback, clients are re-booking.  The energy in the session feels authentic, purposeful!  My belief if that the client has all the answers to their questions inside of them – I’m just the facilitator of the information they need to access through this system called Astrology.

  1. What do you think is the most misunderstood thing about astrology?

Wow!  There are many…overall, I think it’s that the planets are ‘doing’ things to us.  Planets don’t have it out for us, they don’t make us ‘do’ anything.  We can interact with the opportunities they provide for us to co-create the life we desire.

A good example of this is Mercury Retrograde.  Some people think they need to hide under the covers until it’s over.  Planets, everything in Astrology…it’s just Energy.  There is a more positive use of energy and a more negative use of energy.  Knowing how to balance the energetic characteristics of planets, signs, etc. puts the empowerment back in your hands which is a great reason to know your unique birth chart.

The other would be that Astrology is a religion or anti-religious.  Most people don’t know that the Popes used to have their own private Astrologer.  Astrology is really just part of nature.  It pre-dates Astronomy.  It is both science and art.



  1. What one thing do you wish people knew about astrology? How would it help them understand their chart?

First, that they have more than a Sun sign.  That it is the original symbol system – it can help guide them in ANY area of their life.  When they understand the opportunities the energies provide and work with them, they will feel like they are flowing with the waters of life.  How it can help them be in the moment, to accept the ‘as is’, to fulfil their divine purpose.

  1. Do you use other forms of divination? How do they assist you when you read charts?

Learning to read the original symbol system of Astrology has really developed and deepened my intuition.  The symbolic imagery in the Tarot is taking that to another level.  I incorporate a little Spiritual Numerology into my sessions as well which helps with Career/Life Path questions.

  1. Do you have any advice for folks interested in learning astrology? Which books or authors would you suggest for beginner readers? Which books or authors do you feel influenced you?

My advice would be to find a beginning class, either to attend in person or online; join an Astrological Meetup Group or Organization (for community); read books/watch YouTube/listen to podcasts.  Above all else, start casting charts and analyzing them; give free sessions to your ‘guinea pig’ friends and relatives.  This is how the concepts will come alive!!!

There are SO many great books out there.  If you’re going to read one book on Astrology, I would recommend ‘Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain’ by Kim Rogers-Gallagher.  It provides an overview of all the chart basics with a beautiful sense of humor.  If you are ready to dive in, read the series of ‘The Only Way To…’ books by Marion March & Joan McEvers. Other authors who have inspired and informed me:  Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Barbara Junceau, Doris Hebel, Isabel Hickey, Bernadette Brady…too many to list.

  1. What would you like people to know about you and/or your work?

I have an immense interest in the psyche and getting to the core of issues.  I believe in ‘getting the weed out at the root’ so it doesn’t come back or manifest in other areas of your life such as a physical condition.  I also love to look at generational patterns across the charts of family members.  And that I feel that my divine purpose is to help the New Energy kids who are incarnating in great numbers ‘know themselves’ so they can unfold their life purpose sooner rather than later!

I liken my sessions with clients to Energetic Talk Therapy which is why I call what I do ‘EnergyBlueprint Counseling’ – your natal birth chart is a unique blueprint for your life journey.  Since Astrology is a symbol system, each of the planets, signs, houses can be described in characteristics.  Being able to read those symbols means I can hone in on and describe any area of a person’s life quickly without having to know the ‘story’ behind it.  Then we can discuss ways to get that energy balanced and flowing better so they client can live in more peace, joy and personal fulfillment – to know the best time frames to put that energy into use. My endless Gratitude to all I have met along the path…my work is dedicated to the spirit of Barb Krofel.

Horoscope circle

To contact Lisa directly: Lisa Hagenbuch  EnergyBlueprint Counseling

                                            (847) 917.5473

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