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I met Katie an the Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe event last month. It was great to talk to her and get to know a little bit about what she does. While some of my readers may know the term channeler, it seemed to me that many people have not had the chance to find out what a channeler is or does. I’m grateful to Katie for letting us get a glimpse of what channeling is and what she does.
1. How do you define being a channel? 
– Allowing spirits to speak through me without filtering the information that is given.  At times I allow them to speak directly through me and utilize my physical body to do so, or I repeat what they have told me.
2.On your web page it you’ve written, “We come with reason and purpose, find yours.” It seems that channeling is purposeful for you? How did you this?  
– All of the messages that spirit gives, tend towards your life purpose or what you need to do to redirect your life to find fulfillment.  For many of us, we live in the day to day human world.  This is essential as we live our lives, but there are times when we need to look at our life from a bigger perspective.  The messages that are given allows for this to happen.
3. What one piece of advice, (that you discovered on your own) do you wish someone had given you about this work? 
– I learned to trust in myself and the messages, and I tell people who are coming into their gifts this all the times.  Many times I would give messages that people would reject or state were untrue.  It caused me to really question my gifts and abilities, but I have so many of those people come back and say “You were right, and I didn’t think you were.”  I have come to trust and understand my gifts and during many of my readings, I’ll tell people to “put it in your back pocket”, meaning that you will come to understand how it connects at some point.  It still surprises me how many people will email me after a reading letting me know how the messages connected back, and I love hearing it.
4. I recall that you have studied Tarot, do you have a favorite deck? 
 – I love the Golden Botticelli deck.  It was the second deck I bought and I completely fell in love with it.
5 Is there a message you have received that impacted your life in some way? Could you tell us a bit about that? 
-I have received many messages, and they continue to change based on how I grow as a person.  The most recent message I’ve received is to be true to my authentic self.  So much of our lives consist of being who our parents, friends and society want us to be.  It’s hard to understand who you are down at your core and be your true self that you came here to be.  It’s been an ongoing message I’ve been receiving that has also been coming up situationally in my life.  I journal quite a bit and as I read back I can see how the message is the same, but how its been evolving as I’m becoming more authentic.
6. What got you interested in channeling? 
– It actually just happened to me one day.  I was reading tarot cards with two of my mentors and I suddenly felt this pain at the back of my neck and words started to come out of my mouth.  It wasn’t in my voice, and luckily June (my mentor) was there with me and knew what was happening.  Since then I’ve started working with Druids and other consciousnesses other than my spirit guides.
7. How do Tarot and channeling work together (do they?)
-In a way they work together, but not completely.  When I read tarot cards, I utilize my intuition along with the layout of the cards to give a reading.  There are times when I have receive the information and give it directly to the client as they stated it to me.  My intuition is still being utilized when I’m channeling, but when I’m channeling it comes directly from the other side.
8. Do you think intuition has served you in your work? Why or why not? 
– Yes, I do think it has served me. Although I do try to stay “off” when I’m working and in everyday life, I will get a feeling that will push me to go in one direction.  I’ve learned to trust my intuition when I get those feelings.
9. What advice could you give other trying to connect with spirit/spirit guides? 
-The one thing I tell people is to be open, and meditate.  I hear from many people that they can’t meditate, but meditate can come in so many other forms than sitting in a quiet room.  Simple tasks can also put you into that state, such as gardening, cleaning, cooking etc.  As long as the task allows you to quiet your mind, it’s helping you get into the meditative state.
Many people are very connected to their guides, but always discount the messages and information they receive.  When you think you are talking to yourself, many times it’s actually a connection to your spirit guides or loved ones who have passed, and the information is coming from them.
10. Is there ever a client you cannot serve? How do (did) you know?  
– Yes, I was giving a reading to a client several years ago, and everything I was receiving was completely “blank”.  All I kept hearing was “She’s not ready”.  I told her that and she stated she was open, but I knew deep down she was not and had placed blocks.
11. What would you like to tell my readers that I have not asked?  
– Everyone has intuition and the ability to connect with their guides, although some are stronger than others, but utilize the information that is given to you.
I also would tell them to not sweat the little things, and enjoy every part of your life.  Take each moment as a time to learn and grow as a human.  Life is meant to be fun, and enjoyable, so take each moment and see the positive side of every moment.  I know this is easier said than done!

Katie is a Channeler and psychic medium. She found herself to be a psychic while taking a tarot class and soon realized she was also channeling one of her guides.  She has channeled several spiritual beings with the latest being a Druid whom she has worked with in other lifetimes.  She is apart of several metaphysical organizations and can been seen at conferences and teaching classes throughout the Midwest.  

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