Using the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck

I first discovered this deck on Kickstarter and had a number of reactions. The first was WOW, I need a dog deck. As a dog lover I really liked the idea of using a deck created around dog wisdom. Reading further I realized, I know one of the creators. The third was, I could use this personally and professionally, not just as a card reader but to use it as “play work” in therapeutic encounters with clients.

The reading I’m sharing includes the Fear, Resistance and Contentment cards. The fear card says, “If you fetched this card today, it means you’re experiencing with ears up and nose to the wind, sensing some kind of danger in your yard…or off on the horizon.”

Resistence, who we resist, persists. “As long as you lunge or look away from what’s keeping you tethered, you don’t have to deal with what’s holding the other end of the leash.”

AND  “Contentment is having a deeper sense of one’s place in the world.”

The guide is filled with all sorts of pithy information. I imagine like a good chew toy gives you plenty to chew on. (Extending the dog message here.)

In this reading I see the fear in the little dog’s eyes. His ears and expression make me wonder if he’s thinking oh boy, I’m in over my head and I’m not yet sure of which way to go. Fear can be paralyzing and overtake me so much so that I lose sight of ways to lessen or let go of it, or that I stay put intead of getting out of the way or confronting what is fearsome to me. It’s scary to confront what is causing anxiety. It doesn’t feel good to know I might not be successful at something.  However, it seems that revamping my understanding of failure would be beneficial. I think making an effort to change or get out of the way of what is not working is actually more like success than living with a status quo that isn’t working. It seems the danger or fear I’m sensing is more about what happens if I do nothing.

If I want to create change then I will need to look head on at what needs changing.  I can’t shy away. I will need to look at the places, situations and at myself to see how I can work towards change.  Some changes may be inevitable and resistence simply makes change harder. Some changes I may want to work at but feel inadequate about making the change. Once I dig in (hahaha) and start working on what i want to change I will likely feel better and gain confidence.

Being my own worst critic, I will need to be content with what I am able to accomplish. My spouse tells me that no one beats up on me the way I beat up on myself. So, with that in mind, I’m going to work towards being less of a self critic. I’m going to be happy with the small, lasting changes I make and maybe try to keep track of those accomplishments to raise my spirits. The things that bring me contentment are often the so called simple pleasures, such as a walk or reading a good book, an unexpected call or visit from a friend, or spending time with my dogs. I really believe that this reading makes a lot of sense and speaks to the first question regarding vibration I asked in my interview with Barb and Randy.

This reading is honest, allowing me to look at things I might avoid, in a way I can see them without judgment. I can feel myself relaxing because I’ve just looked at something that has been bothering me. That’s a big chunk of any probelm, the ability to view it through a friendly lens.


Patting myself on the back for choosing to back this Kickstarter. The cards are playful  and nice to hold. They shuffle well and are not sticky. The faces on the dogs are so expressive, resembling photographs but not. The illustrations by Teresa Shishim are lively and lovely. The card backs invite the querent to consider a question, concern or a need to know. They mirror each of us, looking to the stars, hoping for a word, for guidance, for something to help us find our way. The card backs really speak to me. If you find they are speaking to you, you can find them  at or at






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