Crow Tarot Readings

Last week I posted my interview with MJ of the Crow Tarot and the Wise Dog Tarot. Today I’m sharing some readings In the picture with the box, you’ll see a crow with a pentagram in its beak. The picture of the card backs is directly below it. I love the card backs. The color palette is so inviting to me. Soft shades of blue with a hint of teal. Pale olivey green and brown. The picture at the very top is a close up of the middle where at the sides of the cards, I see yellow faces between the four middle crows. Not sure if that was intentional or accidental. They seem to be peering out between the Crow feathers.


In the first reading I drew the three of swords, Justice and the three of wands.  The three of swords, is a card that usually feels like a sucker punch to me. Particularly over the past few years, which have been challenging for me personally. Losses piled up, some unexpected, career changes, trust issues with colleagues I had mistakenly placed trust in. The three of swords seemed to be everywhere.

Although I think those things were meant to happen, going through them was painful. The three of swords seemed like an unwelcome constant during those times.

MJ’s interview helped me put that card in perspective.  “The Three of Swords despite the meaning – visually is probably my favorite…and serves as a reminder is Strength.”

I like three card readings and tend to use them to tell a story read from left to right with the idea of past, present, future. In this reading I think this card is acknowledging the pain of watching things drift away.


In the justice card, I believe is the suggestion that the pain of the past will be righted in some manner. I don’t really have an idea of why or what will occur. I think there will be some action that takes place that is only in early stages and as of yet unknown and not intuited. I do believe that a new way of being, earning, living and creating was an unconscious desire of mine. I wouldn’t have chosen the experiences of 2016 in particular, but I recognize that they have helped me shut doors and open windows, glimpsing new possibilities.

img_3197The three of wands suggests looking for new opportunities in life and I think I am ready for those now. This card indicates a hopeful future. The crow is looking out towards the ocean. I see vast, unexplored possibilities. This card makes me feel optimistic and enthusiastic about what beginnings are on the horizon. I now see the three of swords as a reminder that I can use hurt to inform my future. I do want to be aware that my heart is tangled up in my hopes and dreams. Balancing experiences with courage to forge ahead will be a part of this journey. img_3198

The next reading includes the Chariot, the four of wands and the queen of cups.


The Chariot is about movement, change and pressing forward with confidence. The Chariot in this tarot implies that you can soar above obstacles and break through barriers, finding success. That makes me happy. I’m sure there will be challenges to face but thinking that the time is now to meet them is certainly positive. img_3200

Next card is the four of wands. Wow. Not only is the chariot offering me affirmation that I can be successful at what I’m planning, this card suggests peace, harmony and to make a point of connecting with loved ones. And as I write this I’ve received confirmation of family heading home for Christmas. Yay!


The Queen of Cups is about intuitive energy and inner knowing.

A woman might be the supplier of this energy and contribute to healing or it            could be that I will supply my own understanding and compassion. All my        professional life has been spent caring for others and helping them work                  through their concerns. Perhaps I will continue to do this but I  think this                 could be about self care and tending to my needs and desires.

I really enjoy using this deck. I’ve long appreciated the cunning, curiosity and          ability of the crow to scavenge and to walk in the world of the living while                        owning it’s life in part to the dead.

The Crow Tarot is a comfortable size, even for my small hands. The cardstock                is light but sturdy and the cards are vivid; striking a balance with the muted      color palette that is soothing to the eye and spirit.

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