Colorful Post

For anyone wanting to be creative, to relax, to see art come to life or to share with others here is a link to free coloring pages from a number of museums. Enjoy!


Under an oaken sky


“I was hiding in her. You do that sometimes. Sometimes you decide you’ll take refuge in the good, gracious enthusiasm that another person has for you and the love and the nurturing that somebody gives you.”ย Jackson Browne

Recently, ย I had the occasion to sit on the lawn at Ravinia. ย If you are not familiar with Ravinia, ย it is a ย Summer concert venue just outside of Chicago Illinois. Having grown up surrounded by the annual summer concerts held there, when I return I am surrounded by ghosts of concerts past. In my mind I find Pete Seeger walking past my friends and me saying hello to us .I see Janis Joplin arguing with Ravinia staff regarding what they perceived as her inappropriate read to sheer manner of dress. I hear Rufus Wainwright’s rich, dreamy voice singing songs I love. And I hear Jackson Browne singing many of the songs that have become touchstones guiding my life. Sitting under the oaken canopy as the night envelopes the trees and the trees cloak those of us gathered on the lawn, I’m feeling a sense of ย peace and abiding joy.

With a full moon to light the night and beautiful music to relax and inspire, I wonder about the trees. Do they feel the vibrational pull of the music. Do their roots grow deep, stirring in summer to soak up what we hear? Does it encourage them to provide shelter, air, and beauty for us? Do they long to hear what we do? When the music stops at the end of the summer, are they left wanting more? Do they wish for an encore? Does ย their memory run deep, deeper than my own? Do they wish for a concert or two to return to?

In the comfort of my chair, staring at the softness of the full moon, under the feathery oaken cloak, the world is dreamy and fine. I give thanks for all that is good and gracious, and for a place such as this to find rest.

Earthbound Oracle

The Earthbound Oracle is currently the deck I am very interested. Make that the deck that really hits my intellect and soul.

The pairing of the glorious artwork with different actions and thoughts and the trust and curiosity A.L. Swartz places in those who use the deck, (no assignation of meaning to the deck, thereby allowing each person to create her own meaning) draw me back to it again and again.

Here is a reading I did today. My question was can I move my intent to my very part time work as a reader and energy medicine provider. Here are the cards I drew.

At first glance I read it from the bottom up. Labor will transform into wealth. But then I went back to the placement, wealth first, then transformation, which is labor. Does that mean I will take my wealth of knowledge and transform by making it my labor, (of love?)

I’ll be pondering this today as I spend my day at Enlightened Balance.

Come by and see me. Phone readings also offered.

Side by side

In my garden there are a couple of echinacea plants. This flower is native to my location and there are so many reasons that I love this plant.

  1. It blooms for much of the summer.
  2. I’ve not seen deer eat them, so they endure and live peacefully with most of the local flora and fauna.
  3. Although the flowers on this plant are purple, the species itself has a diversity of colors. I am partial to the purple flowers but all are quite lovely.
  4. The plant itself is hardy and the echinacea in ,y garden have survived some harsh winter temperatures, going down to below zero (f).
  5. The plant seems to have some medicinal properties, although there are those who would dispute that.

What I appreciate about this particular plant is that if you look very closely at the bottom right corner of the picture you will see a flower that seems to be growing apart from the others. The stem of the plant extends horizontally at ground level and the flower is healthy and blooming. It appears a bit less purple, but is part of the whole plant none-the -less.


Why is it that some of us are supported when we ‘bloom where we are planted,” as the saying goes? Why do some children seem to be the stereotypical black sheep? Why are black sheep shunned? What allows for acceptance? What does it take foster a climate of love, peace, inquiry and a willingness to accept and celebrate our differences?

Why do some resist new and different ideas? What frightens us about being different? Is it that explanation of survival of the fittest? Is it that early humans had to agree and support each other, dependent on one another for their existence? Do we fear ‘the other’ because he may be smarter, more creative, or stronger than we are? Might her ability to endure backbreaking labor be better than ours? ย If so, what do those who cultivate their gifts and use them for benefit have to teach us? Why are we often afraid to acknowledge the lessons?

Does the curiosity of one eager mind diminish my own capacity? Perhaps all are needed for survival, because each person has her own singular gift to share. Rather than celebrate only commonalities, we might be better off to embrace and cherish the diversity of each person, knowing that all contributions to the well-being of humankind are needed.

Are we born to be obedient? What convictions, if any do we hold sacred? ย When do we break with authority and when do we hold fast to it?

It might not seem relevant to ponder the idea of conformity and obedience with my little plant. I just can’t help but wonder how nature, in this instance at any rate seems to share to effortlessly support the totality of the plant and yet as humans too often we struggle to accept those we name as outliers.