Charming the Tarot

Several years ago I became interested in using charms as a form of divination. Each civilization throughout generations seeks to make meaning. From cave paintings to Tarot, to art, collage, journaling, we all want understanding and knowledge.

Anyone who has ever worn a charm bracelet, or put a charm on a necklace or key ring is making meaning. Charm casting is another way in which we look for understanding, meaning and clarity regarding the issues or concerns in life. A basic understanding of charm casting is as follows.

You’ll need charms or small tangible symbols, a space for casting them, a small container to keep and to shake the charms. Where to get charms? You may already have some around the house. Any costume or other jewelry that you like but don’t use is fair game. Buttons, paper clip, a penny, an odd earring that is missing a match, hardware such a bolt or nut, a colorful bead that isn’t too small, a smooth stone can all find a home in your kit.  A local craft store may also sell them. You can create a low budget kit with a dozen or so charms to start off.

A casting area or surface and/or a casting sheet. Some people use a mat, or a tray.  You can see the area as a circle or square, but some definition of the space is useful. Think of the area as you will, but again definition is useful. I think of the bottom half of the casting area much as I would think of the face of a clock. 12:00 is the top of the area. Likening that to high noon, if a charm or charms land in that area they are likely related to something that needs to come into your sight or may already be there and deserves or needs your full attention. If charms are falling at the bottom, these are things that may not yet be in your conscious mind. Or they may feel weighty. If charms fall in the center that signifies that they are occupying your present situation. Charms on the left may signify the recent past. Charms on the right may indicate something to be aware of in the near future.

I like to choose my charms by placing the collection in a container and either reaching in a drawing a few, or placing a few on my charms in the container, gently shaking them, pouring them into my hand and then letting them fall onto the casting area. Sometimes I feel like a charm needs to be in my reading so I’ll be sure to add it to those I’ve randomly drawn. Other times I’ll leave everything random because I need help deciphering something. The charms that show up up have their own wisdom to share.

Beginning February 13, I’m offering a series on charms and Tarot. If you’ve ever wished you could learn the Tarot and some fundamentals of charm casting, this class is for you. We will focus on the Fool’s journey in the Major Arcana of the tarot. This class will include a private FB group where we can tall about the Tarot, charms, charm casting and symbols, a weekly call in which we’ll discuss different Major Arcana figures each week, a charm casting kit that comes in a tin, a LWS (Little White Sheet) that offers key words for each charm in the Major Arcana, and a beautiful bail and cord on which to wear your daily draw. Additionally you get a special dice that allows you cast not just the Major Arcana, but the whole Tarot- all 78 cards! Learn the Tarot and learn charm casting. Sign up for the kit and the class- $190.00 or just order the kit, $90.00. (Shipping included for the United States International orders please contact me for shipping.) Send a message, or text 815 893 9786 for more information. Class begins 2/13/19 and runs through 3/27/19.

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