Interview with Kristen Over the Moon

Several years ago, while spending time exploring decks, I happened upon Kristen’s Ancestor deck. Kristen is a prolific creator. I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know her.

1. Your decks are so varied in style and you seem to flow effortlessly between creating pictured deck and decks with words. How do you cultivate that kind of creativity? Do they all come easily?

Yes, creativity comes very easily for me. All of my decks begin with questions I’d like to be able to answer through a tarot or oracle deck. Then I figure out what deck needs to be created to help answer those types of questions. I believe you cultivate creativity by becoming a problem-solver. An oracle deck is a tool to solve the problem of lack of insight. A lot of people who want to create a deck get stuck because they begin in the wrong place — with the artwork. An oracle deck begins with a deck concept, not the artwork. If you’re focused more on the artwork than the deck concept, you’re creating artist trading cards, not an oracle deck.

2. Do you have a favorite ritual before you consult your cards? If so, would you share a part of it?

I perform the Wayne Cook Posture from Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine. Here’s a link and you can find it demonstrated on YouTube.

I find it helps me center and re-balance my energies. I also do it before I teach or do any public speaking too because it works well with throat chakra imbalances.

3. I read that you’ve been using various forms of divination for decades. (You don’t look old enough ?) What is your first memory of being interested in oracles or tarot?

I’m in my 50s and I started reading tarot at 18. I knew absolutely nothing about tarot and oracles when I was young. However, I was intrigued by symbolism as early as I can remember. I was doing dream interpretation at the age of 10 and handwriting analysis by the age of 12. So when I was going off to college, a friend gave me a tarot deck and said, “This looks like something you’d be into.” And that began my lifelong interest in tarot and cartomancy.

4. Where did the name Over the Moon Come from? Why is it significant for you personally?

The name Over the Moon came from the development of my first oracle deck, Over The Moon Oracle Cards. The images in the deck are from the book, The Real Mother Goose, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright. The Cat and the Fiddle is one of the rhymes in the book:

Hey, diddle, diddle!

The cat and the fiddle,

The cow jumped over the moon;

The little dog laughed

To see such sport,

And the dish ran away with the spoon.

I decided the phrase, Over the Moon, from the rhyme would also be a great name for the deck. Unfortunately the image never made it into any of my decks but the inspiration is there nevertheless.

5. You’ve created many card decks. Is there one that you turn to most frequently?  Where do you find inspiration? Do you have a particular reading you like to use?

I turn to the deck that does the best job at answering the question I’m asking. I used to do very long, elaborate readings back in the day when I was learning tarot. But now, I usually do my 3-card spread most of the time. And then I will just ask a question and pull an additional card if there’s anything else to know.

6. Can intuition be honed? How has accessing your own intuition helped you personally? How does intuition assist you in the creative process?

Well first I think it’s a good idea to explain that I consider intuition and psychic ability separate things. I see people using the word intuition when they really mean psychic ability. I believe both can be honed but they’re very different qualities. I believe everyone has intuition but not necessarily psychic ability. By ability I mean talent. For example, everyone can sing but it doesn’t mean everyone has a talent for singing. Intuition is simply using your 5 senses and imaginative leaps to postulate new conclusions. So if you’re an imaginative person your intuition is naturally strong. Psychic ability is going past your 5 senses and knowing things you couldn’t possibly know with just your 5 senses. Intuition comes from within you. Psychic comes from beyond you. When I create decks, I use both intuition and psychic claircognizant channeling from my Spirit Team and the collective consciousness. However, I don’t have strong 
 claircognizant skills in other areas of life.

7. Your creations include all forms of divination. Do you have a favorite thing to create? If so what is it about that process that you like?

My favorite form of divination is cartomancy so I love making card decks. I have no idea why I like cards so much. Maybe shuffling?

8. What one deck that you have not created is one you frequently turn to? Why?

The Minimalist Oracle by Rachel Lieberman. I like its simple interface and the way she created the keywords is genius; it allows you to create insightful and often amusing sentences to answer your questions.  

9. Do you use other forms of divination, such as Tarot or numerology? Do you have a favorite card in any of the decks you have created? If so, what draws you to it?

I read tarot, playing cards, oracle cards, and a bit of Sibilla, Lenormand, and Kipper. I also do charmcasting readings and dice divination. I have studied numerology and incorporate aspects of it in my readings.

I have favorites for each deck but I guess my favorites right now are the Intergalactic Shaman and the Guardian of Souls cards from a deck in progress, Oracle of the Ancients. They represent the tarot Magician and High Priestess respectively.

10. Do you have any advice for folks interested in divination? Which books or authors would you suggest for beginner readers? Which books or authors do you feel influenced you?

My advice is study and practice. Learn as much as you can and think of all the information as a download into your intuitive reservoir. When you pull a card, wisdom from that reservoir will come to the surface. That’s how you do readings.

I don’t have a recommended book list but here’s how I advise finding books and resources. Ask the question you want answered, like “How do I read court cards?” Then pay attention. Your Spirit Team will send you the answer.

I found these authors helpful in my understanding of certain nuances in divination.

Sonia Choquette (Spirit Guides)

Anthony Louis (Tarot)

Mary K. Greer (Tarot)

Christine DeLorey (numerology)

11.  What would you like people to know about you and/or your work?

I’m a divination junkie who loves symbolism in every form. In 1999, I developed my own system of reading playing cards which you can learn through my class, Your Future Is In The Cards on Also on is my charmcasting class, The Treasure Casting Oracle: Divining Magic For A New Generation. I’ve created more than 30 tarot and oracle decks, and you can purchase most of them through my shopspace. I teach creative divination classes in my online school, Over The Moon Academy. If you’d like to discuss divination with like-minded folks, I’d love for you to join me at Over The Moon Academy Facebook Group. Stop by my website sometime!
Kristen ~ Over the Moon Oracle Cards

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