Working with the Tessera Oracle

Last week I posted my interview with Tory Woollcott, the creator of the Tessera Oracle. This week I wanted to share my experience using the Tessera. The Kickstarter was so successful that backers received 13 charms, including a bonus charm- the Hive. The Tessera comes with a chain so you can wear a charm if you wish. It also comes with black and white cards that picture each Tessera and offer an brief interpretations as well as a number of spreads.



Having spent some time with the Tessera Oracle, I’ve settled into a routine. I prefer to spread the charms out face down. I started with a three Tessera reading. The guide booklet states that one should never use more than 3/4 of the total number of Tessera you have. “Less is more.”


In this three Tessera reading I pulled The Dawn, The Flower, and the Rabbit. I approached these three Tessera as Self, Situation and Something to think on (what action or thought might this Tessera be asking me to consider?)

The Dawn is about a new beginning or a fresh start. New things can be exciting, daunting or a combination.  If you think about it, each new dawn represents a new start. The Flower is about blossoming, growth, and developing. These two Tessera seem to support each other. A new beginning heralds change and hopefully, development. I found this to be on target. I’m starting a new class and will also be teaching some classes I’ve not taught before. New things are exciting but also can make me feel a bit out of my element. I have also been contemplating some other new projects so the Tessera ring true.

The something to think on in this reading is The Rabbit. Rabbit means to take action or miss out. This is a challenge for me as my nature is to be cautious so I don’t often decide or act as quickly as I might. The Rabbit, in this case is a reminder that I need to change my approach if I am to grow. Perhaps it is telling me to move on something in the next new dawn, or within 24 hours…


Below is my reading for a single Tessera, in this case The Hourglass. Who do you spend your time with? What do you spend it on? Your time is a gift you share with others. Are you allowing yourself the time you need to tend to what is important to you?


I enjoy the single tile reading the most at this point. It helps me to have a daily, wearable reminder of what I might need to think on or direct my energies to.  I love that in a busy life I can have a reminder to have with me for the whole day or week or whatever period of time I chose to use the Tessera. It is  literally close to my heart, so I can hold it in my heart in a different way than I have been able to use any other system of divination.

The charms are beautifully made. I love the attention to detail. As someone who is easily distracted, the single Tile helps me to focus on a particular question or thought. It offers me a moment of peace and meditation as well.

I’m hopeful that wearable divination will hold up and although I worry about losing a time or breaking the chain, that could happen with piece of jewelry. Currently  I keep my set in a box with different compartments so they don’t knock against anything.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next Tesseras will be and hope the wait won’t be too long.

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