Busy, productive, inquiring Queen of Wands

She sits confidently upon her throne. The lions and sunflower imply a relationship with someone who has a lot of Leo traits.  Traits such as being dramatic, passionate, showy. The back of her throne reaches towards the sky, indicating that she doesn’t let limits get in her way. Her yellow garb indicates that she enjoys intellectual pursuits and will not be phased by those who think their intellect is superior to hers.

The Queen of Wands may represent you or someone who plays an important role in your life. When she shows up in a reading she indicates optimism, energy and and many things in play. The queen indicates a mature feminine person. If she is someone you interact with, she is likely a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.) She is confident, assertive, independent, outgoing and energetic. If, however the many things she juggles begin to crash around her, she can be hot tempered and upset. Life with her will not be boring and she finds energy in exploring and juggling as many tasks as you can hand her.


In relationships she is generally sunny, and follows an optimistic path. Should she appear in a reading she may indicate a new project or vocational opportunity is possibly a good move for you. She is about action and management and she may indicate that an older woman may offer you  helpful guidance or perspective in your career.

The black cat sitting at her feet suggests luck, counter to a common understanding of black cats (bad luck.) She can signify motherhood or a period of expansion in your life. Your energy levels will be high. She implies that you are at a point in life where you are welcoming new spiritual pursuits.

Use the power of your intellect to determine where you want to direct your energy and personal resources when she appears. Connect with others who may be helpful as she directs you to a time where you feel particularly outgoing.

Enjoy her energy but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Take charge, and feel good about what you accomplish.



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