Tree of the spirits

Over the past few years my interest in trees has grown. It seems I’m not alone. Everywhere I look I find tree things. Looking out the window, watching the pines dance in the wind I hear this song in my head.

Midwestern gal that I am, the trees are one of the most lovely things about autumn.  Swirling crimson, auburn, buttery yellow leaves are welcome sights. The ever faithful pines are green and lovely in winter’s biting cold. Trees! And then, there is my bottle tree pictured below.

One of the most unusual presents I’ve ever received is a Bottle tree. You can read about them here. Or here.

Bottle trees are believed to come from the Congo although in the United States they are thought to be primarily a southern tradition. Bottle trees are also found in earlier cultures in Mesopotamia.

Some folks believe that evil spirits will find their way into the bottles which trap them. Some believe the colorful bottles trick the spirits and keep them away from one’s home. Other’s believe that the spirits come out at night, are trapped in the bottles and then the sunlight would change or destroy the powers the spirit held. Further, many believe that the bottles must be cobalt blue as that color bottle possessed healing powers.

My tree came complete with bottles, although I have added a few, including a deep blue bottle. I cannot prove that this tree collects the evil that lurks at night. Even if it does, I’m not sure all the evil will ever be trapped or permanently confined. I do feel better knowing it is there. And I can’t help but wonder if everyone had such a tree, could we have contained a bit more evil. There always seems to be a surplus.


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