This card is from the Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. In other tarot decks it often shows up as Death. This interpretation really speaks to me because rarely does the death card indicate a death of someone. Death usually signifies that something is ending. While whatever is ending; a relationship, a job, or something else may be deeply felt, the ending allows for us to direct our energies toward something that will soon be in our sight.

So, transformation is really an understanding of death or endings as a way in which we can begin anew. We might be conflicted about the ending we are facing but viewing an ending as an opportunity can help us transform our understanding of what is happening and allow reframing of sadness or ambivalence to the impending changes. Transformation empowers us to be energized about change. It invites us to welcome the change in a way that death does not.

Death is synonymous with mourning, sadness, grief and loss. These things are often challenging to us and we prefer to avoid them. Death signifies something bad may be happening. Transformation suggests that although the beast is dying, it is the beastly aspects that were off-putting or damaging to self and others are now making way for positive change.

Transformation allows us to be excited about the possibilities that await. It encourages patience and signals that we may not know the time-table but something at least as good and possibly better is on the way.



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