Curious Oracle

As a reader of both Tarot and Oracle cards, sometimes choosing a deck for a reading makes a difference. Tarot, a system of 78 cards with a major and minor arcana is a fixed system in most of the tarot decks I am familiar with, (although some may add a card or change the names of the cards,) the basic 22 major cards and 56 minor cards are present in a tarot deck.

Oracle cards are different. Many oracle decks range in size, format and subject matter. Some take a nature based approach. some delve into fantasy such as whimsical characters or characters from stories. Some look to angels for guidance. While Tarot decks may incorporate these elements, an oracle deck is brought to life by the creator. Some decks come with detailed guides. Some come with no instructions; leaving meaning making to the user.

The picture below is  reading I did using the Curious Oracle.

I enjoy using this deck as it has a very defined system yet it allows the user to apply the system and still find her own meaning in the deck. The cards are small in size making the deck portable and easy for smaller hands to shuffle. One of the things I hear repeatedly from clients is that larger decks are difficult to handle. My hands are small and I appreciate the ease in shuffling these cards.

The fourth printing of the deck indicates that people enjoy this deck.  Holly DeFount, the deck’s creatrix says this deck was born from an artistic challenge she gave to herself in 2011.  There are 7 sets of 7 cards in this deck. In each set of seven the reader and the sitter find what she calls a “divinitory focal point.” In each of the sets and the cards in each set the are 7 levels of engagement. Readings can be divined around the focal point of a set or cards can be used as clarifiers. I’ve not tried to use the cards in combination with other decks, however I can see they would add a level of meaning and potentially add to augment a reading with another system. I’d love to read this oracle with the tarot that Holly created. Below, I’ve shared the sets and steps  as an aid to the reader. You can find more detail here.

Set 1: Body  |  Set 2: Motion  |  Set 3: Intuition  |  Set 4: Heart  |  Set 5: Intellect  |  Set 6: Blessings  |  Set 7: Spirit

Step 1: Manifest  |  Step 2: Relationship  |  Step 3: Growth  |  Step 4: Structure  |  Step 5: Lesson  |  Step 6: Healing  |  Step 7: Epiphany

At first glance, when I look at the reading it brings to mind the permanent and the transient and how they provide direction in my life as well as how I provide structure, understanding and history.  Looking at the system above, the tree is about body and manifesting- set 1 manifest and step 4 structure. The snowflake is set 6 and step 5 blessings and healing. The Compass Rose is set 3 intuition and step 4 structure.

Looking further at the cards I see the tree as a symbol of where I have been, who I am and the people, circumstances and situations that have provided structure for me. I also understand trees as growing, changing, evolving and surviving. The knowledge I have gleaned provides structure and rootedness.

The snowflakes are fleeting. They are possibly the joys and sorrows I have experienced. Each one forming the branches of my knowledge base but also each one providing a brief understanding that I can choose to make a part of my experience or to release. Whether I cling to them and what that may or may not mean in my life is up to me in large measure. Some, particularly those experiences that have informed or engaged me in some way, will flower. Others I can bless and thank and release.

The Compass Rose is the composite of the transient and the permanent. It is the sum of what has brought me to this place in life and allowed me to either walk my path, take a detour, veer from the path or keep me on the path. The path is the structure on which my body rests. It seems that now is a good time to release what doesn’t serve and to give my attention to the things that are healing.

This reading seems to reinforce my yearly reading (done in January) found here:

That reading indicated healing, heart healing and interaction with spirit were important areas of focus in the spring.

While I find the card descriptions to mesh with my understanding of the reading and the knowledge I gained from the key added depth and clarity to my intuitive understanding. With continued use this oracle will provide concise, systematic readings that I think will affirm my understanding and confirm information for reader and sitter.   This oracle is one I will return to.


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