The eight of swords popped out of my deck the other day. The sword suit is one I’d often prefer to avoid. Swords relate to the intellect or thoughts. Swords are often about the inner, less attractive things we think/experience. Swords give us visuals regarding our concerns. The visuals are not all that pleasant.

The the RWS deck,  eight of swords pictures a woman surrounded by eight swords planted around her in the ground. The woman, dark haired and dressed in red is bound and blindfolded. The sky around her is grey. In the distance is a castle that appears to be set on craggy rocks or a hilly landscape. There are puddles on the ground around her that do not appear to be very deep, although there is a body of water behind her. The card is largely grey.

This card represents a kind of unknowing like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy had the slippers, was wearing the slippers the moment Glinda places them on her feet. Her inner knowing begins in her unconscious or dreaming mind. She has the ability to bring her dreams into being, but doesn’t believe in herself. She is afraid to trust, to dare, to trust her skills, to make mistakes, to try. Actualizing most anything is terrifying.

She lives in fear of missteps because perfection is her goal. She sets herself up for failure and avoids trying at all the because her standards are impossible to meet. If she would take off the blindfold she might find that she could navigate the scenery. Her restrictions are her self doubt and insecurities.

i find her troubling because I am too often like her. I allow my insecurities to keep me from experiences I’d probably enjoy or learn from. She teaches me to set aside my fears and try something. I want to encourage her to break free. I hope I can encourage myself to do the same.


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