Mandala Intuitive Oracle: Sleep and dreams

Found this oracle while browsing apps one day. It’s a nice alternative when you want a quick read on a topic. Ranging from Acceptance to Winter Reflections, the cards cover a variety of subjects. Today’s card is sleep. Seemingly mundane to me at first glance, I flipped the card over to find a message, additional meanings of the card and crystals to promote/facilitate the topic or issue.

The message of the front of the card suggests we receive divine information in our dreams. Carl Jung believed dreams helped us balance aspects of consciousness. Jung, agreed with Freud that dreams help us look backwards but he also believed that dreams helped us consider our future.

The back of the card suggests that we need to get at least seven hours of sleep a night as well as to take time to rest, to wait before taking action and to seek new information.

When I first drew this card it felt somewhat disappointing. After meditating on it a bit I’ve come to appreciate the additional perspective regarding seeking new information or waiting to take action on something. The saying sleep on it comes to mind. When things aren’t happening on my schedule, I can tend towards feeling edgy or discouraged. It feels like I’m ready for something to happen, but then nothing does. Or I think nothing does. Maybe waiting will and often does, provide information I had not considered. Maybe I need to take a different approach or action. When time or circumstances seem to hit the ‘snooze’ button on what I think should happen there is often a reason or greater plan I did not consider. This is what I believe Jung is referring to, at least in part when he says that dreams help us consider what developments may happen in the future.

Hoping this is helpful for someone out there. When things aren’t going the way you wish they were, perhaps a nap, a time to rest or even to sleep on it for a bit might be in order.





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