Spring is here. Only a week in, but today I drew this card from the Mandala Inspirations oracle. It seems perfect. Even though we are only a week in, and snow is still falling, being outdoors restores the spirit. Snow at this point isn’t a headache because it won’t last. The ground is warming, the birds are out, worms are peering up from the ground. The black cat- who doesn’t make too many appearances in the winter, is out roaming again. A controlled prairie burn last week confirmed that it is time to clear away the debris, clean up, plant, and come out of hibernation.

The temperatures are beginning to climb more consistently about freezing. The sun feels different in spring. After months of cold, even 40 degrees feels warmer in March than October.  A walk in the woods feels soothing and energizing. Healing that doesn’t cost a thing and fills the spirit with joy.


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