Crows and Crow Tarot

Always on the lookout for all things divination, I was lucky to stumble upon this new deck. You can learn more about it here:

You can find it on Indiegogo:

I love the color palette MJ, the creator of the deck has chosen. Her excitement regarding the outpouring of support she has received is catching. And I just love crows.

There is much symbolism around crows, some of it intentionally cruel. I knew a man who hated crows and used to shoo them and shoot at them to get them to leave his yard. Once he learned how smart and resourceful they are, he spent the rest of his life making up for his cruel behavior. Bird feeders dotted his yard. He doted on them. They will make you a fan if you pay attention to them. If you feed them, they’ll befriend you. They have an air of mystery about them.

People think they are signs of death. I see that they are signs of transformation. Yes, they will eat the remains of leftover prey and yes they will eat small animals. They make garbage a meal. They take things that are decaying, that are left behind and turn them into nourishment.

Crows, (and as I live in North America I’m sharing what I know about American Crows,) are scavengers at heart. They will eat what they find. They are survivors. They are social birds and can form large flocks sometimes numbering up to the thousands., sometimes forming flocks in the thousands. Crows are inquisitive, making them eager problem-solvers and learners. I admire that they are not afraid of others larger than they are. They will chase birds such as owls, herons and hawks away. I admire their tenacity.

If you are interested in learning more about crows, here is a useful link.

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