Create, release, gift

One of the things I love most about the Earthbound Oracle is that there are no “rules.” The deck does not come with an LWB or little white book or any instructions. The words below each picture invite a reader to view the picture with the corresponding word to offer guidance in interpretation.

I see the creativity card as chameleon like. We can change who we are as we need or choose to. The lily is often thought of in terms of release or rebirth. White symbolizes purity and purple is a color often associated with transformation and reflection. Both apply to the process of creating as well as releasing.

What we create and release or share with others allows us to receive and give. Giving of course is about gifts but in the context of the other cards i wonder whether or not it is also about the gift we give ourselves and others when we release what might be restraining us so that we might become more creative, using the gifts we are born with and that we learn to amplify in the process of living.



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