Divine in with me

I have this wonderful new oracle deck I’ve been trying to understand. It is the Earthbound Oracle. You can find it here.


Born introverted, I’m trying to dive into the outer world of divination so that I can share my understandings of this deck, (and perhaps others) as well as to gather what others observe and understand in order to expand my own thoughts.

Unlike other many other oracles, the deck’s creator, A.L. Swartz has left the interpretation of this beautiful deck to the user.- By the way, the italics in the artist’s last name are mine. I think A.L. was born to create.

Here is a reading that I did this week.  IMG_3240

The cards appeared as achievement, luck and then wealth. Because this deck has messages for me to interpret without assistance, which I rather like, I’ve been taken with just reading the cards as they appear without a particular question or spread in mind. So, achievement is the first card I drew. Does it mean I am done with achieving a job?

At first thought, to me  it is likely as I feel I am nearing an end of my current professional life. I’ve been caring for others in an established institutional environment. I have lived a wonderful and mostly quiet life. I am content in caring for others and assisting them. But, more and more the values of this particular institution do not fit with my spirit or soul.  So why not just up and leave everything connected with this profession?  I believe I have been grieving the leaving and am still uncertain about which way my career will go. So, achievement was a bit startling to me. Am I done achieving ? Are there more or no more mountains to climb? Is it the mountain I am on? One where it feels as if there is no life and no air?

Could there still be more to achieve? Where? Doing what?

Then along came luck.So someone will be helping me, whether a person, being in the right place, or connecting with a spiritual guide who knows? Or could the luck be unfortunate?  It seems it is for the rabbit. All three cards have purple in them.  Purple is a color of transformation and royalty, (the latter of which I am not.) In two of the cards there are what I believe to be amethyst. This can mean any number of things such as promoting calm, balance and peace.  It is used for meditation, healing and it comes from the Greek word ametusthos meaning “not intoxicated.”  http://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/amethyst

So, does it mean that luck will come if I can attain a fairly consistent sense of calm and be patient? If I don’t get intoxicated? Or will the luck be so intoxicating as to set me off on a wonderful new vocation? Last card I see is wealth. That would be a welcome relief as I left my main source of employment this winter. Or does this card mean that I will attain wealth if I find the things worth more than money?  Turning  off my brain now, I do find a wealth of purple and love the color.  I also have a lovely amethyst stone that I think I’ll keep in a less obscure place. And I am wealthy in the ways of family, a few good friends, a lovely home and mostly good health. Perhaps I need to focus on that.




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